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Gigolo Jobs India

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#PlayBoy #Gigolo #CallBoy #MaleEscort

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November 29, 2021 at 6:30:00 PM

About the job

Please contact our gigolo club if the information you require is not here. Our gigolos are between 18+ years of age, fit, good looking, well presented, and with charming, fun personalities.
We offers Gigolo job in Chennai to fulfil our client’s fantasy. If you are searching for gigolo club in Chennai then it is the best option for you. A large number of boys are now serving as male escort in Chennai through and satisfy many clients by doing gigolo jobs.
Gigolo required urgently for our agency. Interested candidates from all over India can join us. We have service in all over India more than 18 cities, So call us and join in India’s biggest Dating club.
You can also apply for gigolo job in Chennai. Our handsome and decent playboys are always favourite to all of our clients.
Call boys in Chennai are very well known for their reputation & friendliness. You can also apply for call boy jobs. Chennai playboys are always available in gigolo market and gigolo clubs in Chennai. Gigolo Jobs India is famous for providing call boy service by Chennai call boys.
So, if you want to fulfil your fantasy with some extra income then you can join Gigolo Jobs India as male escort, independent gigolo and reputed playboy. You can also apply for playboy job and be a gigolo in Chennai or directly join in gigolo club in Chennai. For more information, you can contact our agents.
Chennai Gigolo - Join Gigolo in Chennai
Apply for Male escort job, Playboy, Gigolo service, callboy registration – Chennai
We are an India based gigolo agency. We supply young and smart guys to high born female. Some high socialist woman want to enjoy with smart guys. They also spend good money for satisfaction. We can surely fulfil your dream and desire. this club is for only broadminded males who are seriously interested in this relationship. Our all customers are well educated and belongs to a good and high class family. They comes here just for enjoyment and fun not for long relation.
Who is Gigolo ?
A gigolo is a male escort or social companion who is supported by a woman in a continuing relationship, often living in her residence or having to be present at her beck and call.
The term gigolo usually implies a man who adopts a lifestyle consisting of a number of such relationships serially rather than having other means of support.
The gigolo is expected to provide companionship, to serve as a consistent escort with good manners and social skills, and often to serve as a dancing partner as required by the woman in exchange for the support. Many gifts, such as expensive clothing and an automobile to drive, may be lavished upon him. The relationship may include sexual services as well, and he also can be referred to as a "kept man."
How to apply for Gigolo Job ?
Simply call our Gigolo agency and get gigolo service at reasonable price.
Are any Gigolos available in Chennai ?
Yes, Some Gigolo are there in Chennai doing gigolo jobs.
How can i find address of Gigolo Club in Chennai ?
Simply call our Gigolo agency and get addresses of gigolo clubs.
Job opportunities for Gigolo in Chennai, India. Gigolo jobs openings and salary information in Chennai, India.
GIGOLO CLUB is a professional, high-class and discreet and very well established gigolo club based in Chennai - Gigolo Club in Chennai, offering discreet companionship with handsome gentlemen. Our gigolos are gentleman, caring, charming, mature, sophisticated and sensual. Our affectionate men will take excellent care of you. We offer all intimate gigolo services a lady/women may wishes!
We are an India based gigolo agency. We supply young and smart guys to high born female. Some high socialist woman want to enjoy with smart guys. They also spend good money for satisfaction. We can surely fulfill your dream and desire. this club is for only broadminded males who are seriously interested in this relationship. Our all customers are well educated and belongs to a good and high class family. They comes here just for enjoyment and fun not for long relation.
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If you are the type of mature woman that needs to feel cherished and acknowledged, either following a long hard day of work or just in light of the fact that you trust you merit that extraordinary treatment, then you have gone to the correct place. Join in our service and get connected with local women/ladies nearby you.

Gigolo Adambakkam
PlayBoy Adambakkam
Callboy Adambakkam
Male Escort Adambakkam

Gigolo Adyar
PlayBoy Adyar
Callboy Adyar
Male Escort Adyar

Gigolo Alandur
PlayBoy Alandur
Callboy Alandur
Male Escort Alandur

Gigolo Alapakkam
PlayBoy Alapakkam
Callboy Alapakkam
Male Escort Alapakkam

Gigolo Alwarpet
PlayBoy Alwarpet
Callboy Alwarpet
Male Escort Alwarpet

Gigolo Alwarthirunagar
PlayBoy Alwarthirunagar
Callboy Alwarthirunagar
Male Escort Alwarthirunagar

Gigolo Ambattur
PlayBoy Ambattur
Callboy Ambattur
Male Escort Ambattur

Gigolo Aminjikarai
PlayBoy Aminjikarai
Callboy Aminjikarai
Male Escort Aminjikarai

Gigolo Anna Nagar
PlayBoy Anna Nagar
Callboy Anna Nagar
Male Escort Anna Nagar

Gigolo Annanur
PlayBoy Annanur
Callboy Annanur
Male Escort Annanur

Gigolo Arumbakkam
PlayBoy Arumbakkam
Callboy Arumbakkam
Male Escort Arumbakkam

Gigolo Ashok Nagar
PlayBoy Ashok Nagar
Callboy Ashok Nagar
Male Escort Ashok Nagar

Gigolo Avadi
PlayBoy Avadi
Callboy Avadi
Male Escort Avadi

Gigolo Ayanavaram
PlayBoy Ayanavaram
Callboy Ayanavaram
Male Escort Ayanavaram

Gigolo Besant Nagar
PlayBoy Besant Nagar
Callboy Besant Nagar
Male Escort Besant Nagar

Gigolo Basin Bridge
PlayBoy Basin Bridge
Callboy Basin Bridge
Male Escort Basin Bridge

Gigolo Chepauk
PlayBoy Chepauk
Callboy Chepauk
Male Escort Chepauk

Gigolo Chetput
PlayBoy Chetput
Callboy Chetput
Male Escort Chetput

Gigolo Chintadripet
PlayBoy Chintadripet
Callboy Chintadripet
Male Escort Chintadripet

Gigolo Chitlapakkam
PlayBoy Chitlapakkam
Callboy Chitlapakkam
Male Escort Chitlapakkam

Gigolo Choolai
PlayBoy Choolai
Callboy Choolai
Male Escort Choolai

Gigolo Choolaimedu
PlayBoy Choolaimedu
Callboy Choolaimedu
Male Escort Choolaimedu

Gigolo Chrompet
PlayBoy Chrompet
Callboy Chrompet
Male Escort Chrompet

Gigolo Egmore
PlayBoy Egmore
Callboy Egmore
Male Escort Egmore

Gigolo Ekkaduthangal
PlayBoy Ekkaduthangal
Callboy Ekkaduthangal
Male Escort Ekkaduthangal

Gigolo Eranavur
PlayBoy Eranavur
Callboy Eranavur
Male Escort Eranavur

Gigolo Ennore
PlayBoy Ennore
Callboy Ennore
Male Escort Ennore

Gigolo Foreshore Estate
PlayBoy Foreshore Estate
Callboy Foreshore Estate
Male Escort Foreshore Estate

Gigolo Fort St. George
PlayBoy Fort St. George
Callboy Fort St. George
Male Escort Fort St. George

Gigolo George Town
PlayBoy George Town
Callboy George Town
Male Escort George Town

Gigolo Gopalapuram
PlayBoy Gopalapuram
Callboy Gopalapuram
Male Escort Gopalapuram

Gigolo Government Estate
PlayBoy Government Estate
Callboy Government Estate
Male Escort Government Estate

Gigolo Guindy
PlayBoy Guindy
Callboy Guindy
Male Escort Guindy

Gigolo Gerugambakkam
PlayBoy Gerugambakkam
Callboy Gerugambakkam
Male Escort Gerugambakkam

Gigolo IIT Madras
PlayBoy IIT Madras
Callboy IIT Madras
Male Escort IIT Madras

Gigolo Injambakkam
PlayBoy Injambakkam
Callboy Injambakkam
Male Escort Injambakkam

Gigolo ICF
PlayBoy ICF
Callboy ICF
Male Escort ICF

Gigolo Iyyapanthangal
PlayBoy Iyyapanthangal
Callboy Iyyapanthangal
Male Escort Iyyapanthangal

Gigolo Jafferkhanpet
PlayBoy Jafferkhanpet
Callboy Jafferkhanpet
Male Escort Jafferkhanpet

Gigolo Karapakkam
PlayBoy Karapakkam
Callboy Karapakkam
Male Escort Karapakkam

Gigolo Kattivakkam
PlayBoy Kattivakkam
Callboy Kattivakkam
Male Escort Kattivakkam

Gigolo Kattupakkam
PlayBoy Kattupakkam
Callboy Kattupakkam
Male Escort Kattupakkam

Gigolo Kazhipattur
PlayBoy Kazhipattur
Callboy Kazhipattur
Male Escort Kazhipattur

Gigolo K.K. Nagar
PlayBoy K.K. Nagar
Callboy K.K. Nagar
Male Escort K.K. Nagar

Gigolo Keelkattalai
PlayBoy Keelkattalai
Callboy Keelkattalai
Male Escort Keelkattalai

Gigolo Kattivakkam
PlayBoy Kattivakkam
Callboy Kattivakkam
Male Escort Kattivakkam

Gigolo Kilpauk
PlayBoy Kilpauk
Callboy Kilpauk
Male Escort Kilpauk

Gigolo Kodambakkam
PlayBoy Kodambakkam
Callboy Kodambakkam
Male Escort Kodambakkam

Gigolo Kodungaiyur
PlayBoy Kodungaiyur
Callboy Kodungaiyur
Male Escort Kodungaiyur

Gigolo Kolathur
PlayBoy Kolathur
Callboy Kolathur
Male Escort Kolathur

Gigolo Korattur
PlayBoy Korattur
Callboy Korattur
Male Escort Korattur

Gigolo Korukkupet
PlayBoy Korukkupet
Callboy Korukkupet
Male Escort Korukkupet

Gigolo Kottivakkam
PlayBoy Kottivakkam
Callboy Kottivakkam
Male Escort Kottivakkam

Gigolo Kotturpuram
PlayBoy Kotturpuram
Callboy Kotturpuram
Male Escort Kotturpuram

Gigolo Kottur
PlayBoy Kottur
Callboy Kottur
Male Escort Kottur

Gigolo Kovilambakkam
PlayBoy Kovilambakkam
Callboy Kovilambakkam
Male Escort Kovilambakkam

Gigolo Koyambedu
PlayBoy Koyambedu
Callboy Koyambedu
Male Escort Koyambedu

Gigolo Kundrathur
PlayBoy Kundrathur
Callboy Kundrathur
Male Escort Kundrathur

Gigolo Madhavaram
PlayBoy Madhavaram
Callboy Madhavaram
Male Escort Madhavaram

Gigolo Madhavaram Milk Colony
PlayBoy Madhavaram Milk Colony
Callboy Madhavaram Milk Colony
Male Escort Madhavaram Milk Colony

Gigolo Madipakkam
PlayBoy Madipakkam
Callboy Madipakkam
Male Escort Madipakkam

Gigolo Madambakkam
PlayBoy Madambakkam
Callboy Madambakkam
Male Escort Madambakkam

Gigolo Maduravoyal
PlayBoy Maduravoyal
Callboy Maduravoyal
Male Escort Maduravoyal

Gigolo Manali
PlayBoy Manali
Callboy Manali
Male Escort Manali

Gigolo Manali New Town
PlayBoy Manali New Town
Callboy Manali New Town
Male Escort Manali New Town

Gigolo Manapakkam
PlayBoy Manapakkam
Callboy Manapakkam
Male Escort Manapakkam

Gigolo Mandaveli
PlayBoy Mandaveli
Callboy Mandaveli
Male Escort Mandaveli

Gigolo Mangadu
PlayBoy Mangadu
Callboy Mangadu
Male Escort Mangadu

Gigolo Mannady
PlayBoy Mannady
Callboy Mannady
Male Escort Mannady

Gigolo Mathur
PlayBoy Mathur
Callboy Mathur
Male Escort Mathur

Gigolo Medavakkam
PlayBoy Medavakkam
Callboy Medavakkam
Male Escort Medavakkam

Gigolo Meenambakkam
PlayBoy Meenambakkam
Callboy Meenambakkam
Male Escort Meenambakkam

Gigolo MGR Nagar
PlayBoy MGR Nagar
Callboy MGR Nagar
Male Escort MGR Nagar

Gigolo Minjur
PlayBoy Minjur
Callboy Minjur
Male Escort Minjur

Gigolo Mogappair
PlayBoy Mogappair
Callboy Mogappair
Male Escort Mogappair

Gigolo MKB Nagar
PlayBoy MKB Nagar
Callboy MKB Nagar
Male Escort MKB Nagar

Gigolo Mount Road
PlayBoy Mount Road
Callboy Mount Road
Male Escort Mount Road

Gigolo Moolakadai
PlayBoy Moolakadai
Callboy Moolakadai
Male Escort Moolakadai

Gigolo Moulivakkam
PlayBoy Moulivakkam
Callboy Moulivakkam
Male Escort Moulivakkam

Gigolo Mugalivakkam
PlayBoy Mugalivakkam
Callboy Mugalivakkam
Male Escort Mugalivakkam

Gigolo Mudichur
PlayBoy Mudichur
Callboy Mudichur
Male Escort Mudichur

Gigolo Mylapore
PlayBoy Mylapore
Callboy Mylapore
Male Escort Mylapore

Gigolo Nandanam
PlayBoy Nandanam
Callboy Nandanam
Male Escort Nandanam

Gigolo Nanganallur
PlayBoy Nanganallur
Callboy Nanganallur
Male Escort Nanganallur

Gigolo Nanmangalam
PlayBoy Nanmangalam
Callboy Nanmangalam
Male Escort Nanmangalam

Gigolo Neelankarai
PlayBoy Neelankarai
Callboy Neelankarai
Male Escort Neelankarai

Gigolo Nemilichery
PlayBoy Nemilichery
Callboy Nemilichery
Male Escort Nemilichery

Gigolo Nesapakkam
PlayBoy Nesapakkam
Callboy Nesapakkam
Male Escort Nesapakkam

Gigolo Nolambur
PlayBoy Nolambur
Callboy Nolambur
Male Escort Nolambur

Gigolo Noombal
PlayBoy Noombal
Callboy Noombal
Male Escort Noombal

Gigolo Nungambakkam
PlayBoy Nungambakkam
Callboy Nungambakkam
Male Escort Nungambakkam

Gigolo Otteri
PlayBoy Otteri
Callboy Otteri
Male Escort Otteri

Gigolo Padi
PlayBoy Padi
Callboy Padi
Male Escort Padi

Gigolo Pakkam
PlayBoy Pakkam
Callboy Pakkam
Male Escort Pakkam

Gigolo Palavakkam
PlayBoy Palavakkam
Callboy Palavakkam
Male Escort Palavakkam

Gigolo Pallavaram
PlayBoy Pallavaram
Callboy Pallavaram
Male Escort Pallavaram

Gigolo Pallikaranai
PlayBoy Pallikaranai
Callboy Pallikaranai
Male Escort Pallikaranai

Gigolo Pammal
PlayBoy Pammal
Callboy Pammal
Male Escort Pammal

Gigolo Park Town
PlayBoy Park Town
Callboy Park Town
Male Escort Park Town

Gigolo Parry's Corner
PlayBoy Parry's Corner
Callboy Parry's Corner
Male Escort Parry's Corner

Gigolo Pattabiram
PlayBoy Pattabiram
Callboy Pattabiram
Male Escort Pattabiram

Gigolo Pattaravakkam
PlayBoy Pattaravakkam
Callboy Pattaravakkam
Male Escort Pattaravakkam

Gigolo Pazhavanthangal
PlayBoy Pazhavanthangal
Callboy Pazhavanthangal
Male Escort Pazhavanthangal

Gigolo Peerkankaranai
PlayBoy Peerkankaranai
Callboy Peerkankaranai
Male Escort Peerkankaranai

Gigolo Perambur
PlayBoy Perambur
Callboy Perambur
Male Escort Perambur

Gigolo Peravallur
PlayBoy Peravallur
Callboy Peravallur
Male Escort Peravallur

Gigolo Perumbakkam
PlayBoy Perumbakkam
Callboy Perumbakkam
Male Escort Perumbakkam

Gigolo Perungalathur
PlayBoy Perungalathur
Callboy Perungalathur
Male Escort Perungalathur

Gigolo Perungudi
PlayBoy Perungudi
Callboy Perungudi
Male Escort Perungudi

Gigolo Pozhichalur
PlayBoy Pozhichalur
Callboy Pozhichalur
Male Escort Pozhichalur

Gigolo Poonamallee
PlayBoy Poonamallee
Callboy Poonamallee
Male Escort Poonamallee

Gigolo Porur
PlayBoy Porur
Callboy Porur
Male Escort Porur

Gigolo Pudupet
PlayBoy Pudupet
Callboy Pudupet
Male Escort Pudupet

Gigolo Pulianthope
PlayBoy Pulianthope
Callboy Pulianthope
Male Escort Pulianthope

Gigolo Purasaiwalkam
PlayBoy Purasaiwalkam
Callboy Purasaiwalkam
Male Escort Purasaiwalkam

Gigolo Puthagaram
PlayBoy Puthagaram
Callboy Puthagaram
Male Escort Puthagaram

Gigolo Puzhal
PlayBoy Puzhal
Callboy Puzhal
Male Escort Puzhal

Gigolo Puzhuthivakkam/ Ullagaram
PlayBoy Puzhuthivakkam/ Ullagaram
Callboy Puzhuthivakkam/ Ullagaram
Male Escort Puzhuthivakkam/ Ullagaram

Gigolo Raj Bhavan
PlayBoy Raj Bhavan
Callboy Raj Bhavan
Male Escort Raj Bhavan

Gigolo Ramavaram
PlayBoy Ramavaram
Callboy Ramavaram
Male Escort Ramavaram

Gigolo Red Hills
PlayBoy Red Hills
Callboy Red Hills
Male Escort Red Hills

Gigolo Royapettah
PlayBoy Royapettah
Callboy Royapettah
Male Escort Royapettah

Gigolo Royapuram
PlayBoy Royapuram
Callboy Royapuram
Male Escort Royapuram

Gigolo Saidapet
PlayBoy Saidapet
Callboy Saidapet
Male Escort Saidapet

Gigolo Saligramam
PlayBoy Saligramam
Callboy Saligramam
Male Escort Saligramam

Gigolo Santhome
PlayBoy Santhome
Callboy Santhome
Male Escort Santhome

Gigolo Sembakkam
PlayBoy Sembakkam
Callboy Sembakkam
Male Escort Sembakkam

Gigolo Selaiyur
PlayBoy Selaiyur
Callboy Selaiyur
Male Escort Selaiyur

Gigolo Shenoy Nagar
PlayBoy Shenoy Nagar
Callboy Shenoy Nagar
Male Escort Shenoy Nagar

Gigolo Sholavaram
PlayBoy Sholavaram
Callboy Sholavaram
Male Escort Sholavaram

Gigolo Sholinganallur
PlayBoy Sholinganallur
Callboy Sholinganallur
Male Escort Sholinganallur

Gigolo Sithalapakkam
PlayBoy Sithalapakkam
Callboy Sithalapakkam
Male Escort Sithalapakkam

Gigolo Sowcarpet
PlayBoy Sowcarpet
Callboy Sowcarpet
Male Escort Sowcarpet

Gigolo St.Thomas Mount
PlayBoy St.Thomas Mount
Callboy St.Thomas Mount
Male Escort St.Thomas Mount

Gigolo Surapet
PlayBoy Surapet
Callboy Surapet
Male Escort Surapet

Gigolo Tambaram
PlayBoy Tambaram
Callboy Tambaram
Male Escort Tambaram

Gigolo Teynampet
PlayBoy Teynampet
Callboy Teynampet
Male Escort Teynampet

Gigolo Tharamani
PlayBoy Tharamani
Callboy Tharamani
Male Escort Tharamani

Gigolo T. Nagar
PlayBoy T. Nagar
Callboy T. Nagar
Male Escort T. Nagar

Gigolo Thirumangalam
PlayBoy Thirumangalam
Callboy Thirumangalam
Male Escort Thirumangalam

Gigolo Thirumullaivoyal
PlayBoy Thirumullaivoyal
Callboy Thirumullaivoyal
Male Escort Thirumullaivoyal

Gigolo Thiruneermalai
PlayBoy Thiruneermalai
Callboy Thiruneermalai
Male Escort Thiruneermalai

Gigolo Thiruninravur
PlayBoy Thiruninravur
Callboy Thiruninravur
Male Escort Thiruninravur

Gigolo Thiruvanmiyur
PlayBoy Thiruvanmiyur
Callboy Thiruvanmiyur
Male Escort Thiruvanmiyur

Gigolo Tiruverkadu
PlayBoy Tiruverkadu
Callboy Tiruverkadu
Male Escort Tiruverkadu

Gigolo Thiruvotriyur
PlayBoy Thiruvotriyur
Callboy Thiruvotriyur
Male Escort Thiruvotriyur

Gigolo Thuraipakkam
PlayBoy Thuraipakkam
Callboy Thuraipakkam
Male Escort Thuraipakkam

Gigolo Tirusulam
PlayBoy Tirusulam
Callboy Tirusulam
Male Escort Tirusulam

Gigolo Tiruvallikeni
PlayBoy Tiruvallikeni
Callboy Tiruvallikeni
Male Escort Tiruvallikeni

Gigolo Tondiarpet
PlayBoy Tondiarpet
Callboy Tondiarpet
Male Escort Tondiarpet

Gigolo United India Colony
PlayBoy United India Colony
Callboy United India Colony
Male Escort United India Colony

Gigolo Vandalur
PlayBoy Vandalur
Callboy Vandalur
Male Escort Vandalur

Gigolo Vadapalani
PlayBoy Vadapalani
Callboy Vadapalani
Male Escort Vadapalani

Gigolo Valasaravakkam
PlayBoy Valasaravakkam
Callboy Valasaravakkam
Male Escort Valasaravakkam

Gigolo Vallalar Nagar
PlayBoy Vallalar Nagar
Callboy Vallalar Nagar
Male Escort Vallalar Nagar

Gigolo Vanagaram
PlayBoy Vanagaram
Callboy Vanagaram
Male Escort Vanagaram

Gigolo Velachery
PlayBoy Velachery
Callboy Velachery
Male Escort Velachery

Gigolo Velappanchavadi
PlayBoy Velappanchavadi
Callboy Velappanchavadi
Male Escort Velappanchavadi

Gigolo Villivakkam
PlayBoy Villivakkam
Callboy Villivakkam
Male Escort Villivakkam

Gigolo Virugambakkam
PlayBoy Virugambakkam
Callboy Virugambakkam
Male Escort Virugambakkam

Gigolo Vyasarpadi
PlayBoy Vyasarpadi
Callboy Vyasarpadi
Male Escort Vyasarpadi

Gigolo Washermanpet
PlayBoy Washermanpet
Callboy Washermanpet
Male Escort Washermanpet

Gigolo West Mambalam
PlayBoy West Mambalam
Callboy West Mambalam
Male Escort West Mambalam


He must be qualified with enough knowledge.

  • He has a good sense of humor.

  • He must be good looking with a stiff, built body.

  • His age should vary between 18-45 years.

  • He should not be an alcohol or drug consumer.

  • Excellent communication skills must know fluent Hindi and English.


We serve you with verified users.

  • We confer you with excellent privacy policy.

  • We only offer you the registered clients; no fake clients are there to cheat you.

  • We provide you disease-free clients like STD.

  • We offer sexual services at the international level.

  • Safe and secure way to burst horny feelings.

About us

Our Perfect Platform
Welcome to It is the best website for single to find partner online that can help you becoming a Gigolo or Male Escort. Whether you are looking for a gigolo job in India or want to hire a gigolo for erotic services, you will always find Gigolo Jobs India a right option to go with.

Objectives of Gigolo Jobs India
The main objective behind setting up this online platform s to help contemporary women finding male escort. Another key reason behind establishing this online unique platform online is to help boys or men becoming a gigolos to enjoy their stressful life. If you are interested in working as a gigolo, Male Escort you can sign up on this Gigolo Jobs India website. Yes, you don’t need to worry about your Privacy we always take care about your Privacy.

Gigolo Jobs India – Is A Gigolo Dating Website
However, there are various websites online that may claim to offer exclusive gigolo dating facilities, but when it comes to actual gigolo services or jobs; they have nothing to offer but paid useless services. If you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on becoming gigolo, you need to look at nowhere else but – a is gigolo dating site. It is surely a great platform that can be joined for is. Yes, if you are tired of coping with flashy or fraud male prostitution sites or gigolo dating websites, you must try this one.


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